Dibaxidil© 700 is a topical serum that prevents hair loss from alopecia aerate, total spontaneus autoepilation, folicular degenerative syndrome(FDS) and other.

DIBAXIDIL© 700 serum is directed to suppress local autoimmune reaction, to stimulate anagen phase and growth of hair follicles. In cases of alopecia areata new hair appears quickly in hair loss areas. In cases of autoepilation (total hair loss) scalp restores completely. DIBAXIDIL© 700 also restores hair growth in Follicular Degeneration Syndrome (FDS). Effectiveness of the serum is very high and reaches 87%. This efficiency makes the serum the best product there is today for severe hair loss treatment. Usually only two packs are necessary. That makes only 3-4 months of use! This is sufficient for a complete hair renewal. In rare cases of chronic autoimmune diseases, the use of serum from time to time is necessary to repeat.

Dealing with the problem of hair loss is a not an easy task. To restore hair growth is a complex assignment, that requires complex products, with multiple active components. That’s why Xeno Laboratory is not only a company that creates a series of complex products, it is a result of collective international collaboration of research institutes and individual scientists. Together they exchange information and design new products to solve complex problems.

DIBAXIDIL© and DIBAXIDIL 700© are safe for your health and proved to be effective in 97,3%!* DIBAXIDIL© and DIBAXIDIL 700© belong to the newest type of selective macromolecular cosmetic products. Unlike most of other products It doesn’t require constant use, long and painful treatment and has a long-term effect. It is revolutionary new and powerful product to fight the problem of hairloss!

*By 97,3% effective we mean regaining from cosmetically sufficient 60% up to 100% of your hair.

Frequency of use: once in a lifetime. In cases of chronical automimmune disease, the serum must be use once a year or once a year and a half. That allows to save the hair and to restore what’s lost.

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