Why it is important to apply the serum on dry scalp?

Because freshly washed skin created a barrier for active elements of the serum to get it.

I have androgenic alopecia. How often should I use Dibaxidil?

It depends on age and possible other specific. On average: the Full Course create the effect for around 3 years. Not more often than one full course a year.

How often should I use Dibaxidil 700 If I have an autoimmune alopecia?

Until visually signs of autoimmune alopecia disappear and hair starts to grow. One course is often enough to achieve that.

Can Dibaxidil 700 be used on pregnant women or children?

No it can’t. Dibaxidil 700 is not a drug and was not tested on children younger 14 or on pregnant women.

Can I combine using Dibaxidil and Minoxidil?


Must I get any special shampoo/conditioner to go together with Dibaxidil or Dibaxidil 700?

It is absolutely unnecessary. Keep using your regular shampoo/conditioner.